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tubes - ctf map


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tubes - ctf map
« on: July 13, 2020, 10:00:21 PM »
this is my new ctf map.

Some of you will get fps problems. If you have ideas how I can increase the fps on this map pls leave a comment.
Ofc other feedback is great too!

Download here:


Update 1 (14th July 2020): ladder and stair fixes and many other little improvements all made by Razgriz.
Update 2 (15th July 2020): grid instead of water death pit. optimized gridsize. no-clipped the edges. darned holes. nicer borders and some more little tweaks. This time I had help from Razgriz, Crap Im Dead and Akari.
Update 3 (19th July 2020): With the help from Gergerly I could solve the fps problem! For the bottom area Im using now map models instead of water material. It works perfectly. Big big ty for your help! Ty 7yearbitch for your tip that I used too many different water levels. Now there are only 2 Little water levels left! Also I added sounds, I fixed some errors, I changed some little things and I used blendmap for the desert. More Feedback is welcome!!
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Re: tubes - ctf map
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2020, 04:26:12 AM »
I have already discussed all this in discord, but for the record...

I wasn't a fan of the original death water in front of flag, which has now been addressed.

Other than that I love everything about this map. While it has not been extensively playtested that I'm aware of, every indication is that it should play very well. I am also a huge fan of the aesthetic, which i think is very clean and cohesive and does a good job of toeing the difficult line between 'featureless box to frag in' and 'too complicated and pointlessly artsy.' I am immediately transported to a sort of industrial martian or desert space base, where I am presented with interesting geometry and a myriad of movement options as I explore and make my way from flag to flag.

I am not a fan of background sounds in competitive maps unless done right, and my early opinion is that this map did it right. Nice atmosphere but not too loud.

Look forward to playing it in the new release!