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SVN - some bugs report


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SVN - some bugs report
« on: February 01, 2020, 10:42:08 pm »
This list gathers some (confirmed) bugs/glitches that I found in Collect, as well as in the current SVN version.
I didn’t want to include some other fps drop issues as I think they’re hardware related, and don’t happen to everyone.

Infinite entity selection fixed (
If you use the /nearestent command next to an ent multiple times, the selection will accumulate and "ghost" entities will be generated, killing the fps...

Bots remain dead forever fixed (
If you pause a CTF match while a bot is dead, he will never respawn again. (
I haven't tested it in other modes.

Tab key does not work on Guieditors fixed (
At least for me, the indent key (tab) does not work in the SVN version (works as a bind normally).

Incosistent Guirollover actions fixed (
If you open the skybox, map or mapmodels menu and click the thumbnail without hovering an option, a different action will be executed, sometimes this action is "quit", and there goes your map that you forgot to save... :D

Your lightmap breaks if another player modifies the map
I know this is not a bug, but I think it would be more appropriate if the fullbright was applied only to the cube that was modified, and not in an entire area around it, it would have a really good impact on the coop editing, since players would no longer need to stop editing to avoid breaking other player's calclight... :D

(red = skylight)

That's all I remember.
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