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SauerWorld and Search Engine Optimisation
« on: June 23, 2019, 12:12:50 am »
A time ago with help of Bertol i forward messages to the admins of the SW. Reason - i think that our website can get better positions in the search results.
Here bellow i will copy paste this messages ( i just to lazy to retyping it in a "post" format)

Hello. Thats me again. I analyzed  and came to the conclusion that it still has problems with position in the search engines like Google.

And it's easy to check. What requests are you usually using when looking for our game? It is logical to assume that it will be "cube 2 sauerbraten", "sauerbraten cube", "sauerbraten game". There are others, but these are the most popular. All these search queries lead to the official game site Even a simple query in Google "sauerbraten" displays exactly the game site, while the sites with cooking go in lower positions. And this is good. But we are not interested in this site since it didn't updating for ages and wouldn't be updated.

And with SW, deal going not so good. I conducted an analysis and came to the conclusion that in fact your website is is rather difficult to find, unless you look for it by direct request "sauerworld". In other cases, the site is very difficult to find. The only exception is Europe and Germany in particular, where, according to some queries, such as the "Sauerbraten maps," the site can be found at best in 2-3 pages in Google. This may not seem like a bad result, but the problem is that people rarely enter this request and this querie  has a very low frequency. is most interesting is that your site is found for those requests that do not relate to the subject of the game. I forgot to take a screenshot, but will be able to show it later. If we take high-frequency queries, the site will be on 3-5 (!) pages in Google, which is already a bad result. In fact, if you are not on the first page, then this is already bad since the person is lazy and does not like to search for a long time and surf the Internet to far. So we can be sure that if your website stay on the lower position like 30-35 (3rd page in google) then people would come to you. But what
Why is this necessary? I think it is obvious that the higher you are in search results, the more people will see you and the more people will come to you. And a lot of people are good. But there is good news. It's not a problem. More precisely, this is a problem if you want more visitors on the site, but it can be solved. For example, I can already say that the site has problems with setting up a  "www" mirror, because it has a different number of indexed pages with "www" and without in the URL. More precisely, I assume that there is a problem since with www your website have ~1000 pages in google when without it just ~1300. I can also say for sure that there is a problem with the fact that you have too many "dofollow"l links on the site, whereas all of them should have an attribute of "nofollow". Plus, too few sources refer to you and those that exist look rather strange, whereas there are too many outgoing links on the And this is not to mention other things that I could enumerate here.
I can also say for sure that your site has a much greater potential to be the first in search results than the official site of the game, since its domain is rather old, it has many pages, a large number of links inside the site, and it is also possible to create a new content and update it.

I can continue to analyze the site further and most likely I can formulate some solution for this problem.

Let's put it this way, I can identify basic problems and give some advice on what to do, but I didn’t have any real experience in fixing the site because I started to understand this not so long ago. On the other hand, I am not a complete layman in this matter, so I can help. Well, at least I think so.

If speak about more examples of things with wich this website have problems.. Okay, first one i think it's automaticaly generated robots.txt and sitemap file. It's interesting to know that wordpress can do such things like this one (really didn't know it) but i didn' find what wp typing in robots.txt and i almost sure that wp didn't optimisating text for specific search bots like Yandex, for example. I can talk only about Yandex since this russian bot reqaure direct request to him in robots.txt and i almost sure that wp didn't count it. Of course, your site is still indexed in this search engine, but it needs to be checked separately.

If speak about other problems on the website, it have ~150 resources with 4xx  and ~15 with 5xx status codes. It lower the reputation of the website in the eyes of search engines too significantly. Also website have ~1000 broken images, and over ~2000 pages wich have dublicated meta tags (titles and descriptions i mean. HTML tags). But some pages don't have it at all wich can be even worse for search engine's (can we call them it like SE in short, pls?)) point of view. And some titles and descriptions to long too but it's minor since in affect user's expirience at most. But it countng too
Other info
~58 pages have size over 3 megs.
152 to long urls
~4000 broken links (examle, page;prev_next=next and link to the inexor page in the signature)
Also we can talk about some search requests and content for them but lets look what you think about stuff above first : )
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