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Waltz - FFA/TEAMPLAY map


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Waltz - FFA/TEAMPLAY map
« on: November 05, 2018, 10:21:36 pm »

This is a medium sized map using futuristic theme. At first it was made for duels, but it got bigger and now it's better for FFA, teamplay or open FFA/insta games.

The map is mostly made of layers and jumppads wich makes you go faster through the map. The yellow armor is placed just at the end of the centrical jumppad, wich always teleports you on the yellow armor and then launches you to the upper floor.

The quad damage is accessible from 5 or 6 ways, you can use grenade jumps or even rifle jumps wich are the faster ways and you can use the jumppad wich is slighty slower. (It’s the only jumppad with 2 big red lamps)

Waltz could work for FFA duels or Effic, but it's still hard to find and kill your enemy even when the map is very open, and it's still an interesting map for good insta players as you can develop some good shots and tricks using jumppads and teleports.

I would like to thanks Redon for his feedback with the pickup placements and also thanks Notas, Rotti, and Master for all the playtest we did.

Feedback/critics/opinions are always welcome.

Map + Textures pack:
Only the map:

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