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Temple of Zarah - Deathmatch Map


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Temple of Zarah - Deathmatch Map
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:13:44 am »
In short, deathmatch map for 4-8 players, for Effic, Insta & FFA...

SG = 26; CG = 16; RI = 14; RL = 4; GL = 4; PI = 1;
Spawns = 26; Health = 26; All 4 major items present, 1 of each (QD, HB, YA, GA);

For people who like to read, map has 200k WTR & 318k WVT, which is a lot for deathmatch map, but I've generated PVS (3000 cells), and map runs smoothly, even on my crappy laptop. For comparation, Stahlplatten (spcr) has same amount of WTR, and it's only little laggier (on my system & options). Map has various details, more complex geometry and it can be used "Geometry Prefab" for newer mappers. Aesthetic was first in my mind for this map, and WTR paid the price, but map is playable. ;)

If any1 wants to convert this map to CTF, Duel or any other gamemode, he can do it (if other gamemodes fit this layout)... No need to credit me or that stuff, I don't care... :)

Alt-Download [Google]:

Have fun, 7Year ;3