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the asshole admin


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the asshole admin
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:34:35 AM »
I wrote a server mod QServ, Star has done everything in his power to not post it on the forum here because of his own personal feud with me. And since Star is given admin, even though he treats people like shit for no reason, i'm sure he will delete this post too. Because anything defaming about anyone but Star is fine, but as soon as someone talks about Star, we have to delete that post. Isn't that right Star? Essentially I made numerous client mods, server mods, clans, maps and introduced many people to the game, paid for websites, maintained the cube 2 facebook page, and much more. I asked Star nicely to please post my mod on the sauerworld forum after HE OFFERED TO FEATURE MY CONTENT ON THE HOMEPAGE. Randomly, days later he starts treating me like shit for no reason and the entire feud starts. Actually it started before that when he started talking shit about a post i made about our new clan VA and about recruiting people. It's like he's always had a problem with me. It is bad for the game to have someone like this as admin because I deserve to have my work featured. It is bad for a small gaming community to have people like this in charge, because it will make us have no interest to work on anything cube related any further if your just going to get treated like shit. So that being said, since he doesn't like me for whatever his personal reason is (he can always tell you why he hates me as he often talks shit about me but it's just all opinionated and not factual). So as you can see I said thank you, that was the last time I spoke to him. Then I sent a friend request and he went off for no reason and called me a fuckwit. He also likes to periodically talk a bunch of shit about me and just started hating me out of no where.
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Re: the asshole admin
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2019, 09:43:41 AM »
1st thing 1st... bruh.. how drunk are you?
I been there... a lot, and recently too.  Really, I been there...

It's a game my guy.. that's something I failed to realize for the longest time.  It's just a game.

This big rant of yours.. it won't accomplish anything.. All people are gonna see is some guy pissed because he didn't get his way.

I been there my guy, I really been there.  I didn't get my way, I got pissed and lashed out.  It happens.  But my guy..

What I failed to realize, and what I think you ought to realize... is that you made the choice, yourself, to contribute.

You made a server mod, awesome!  I'm sure there's people out there that made use of it. 
I'm sure you made at least 1 person happy, with the work that you did.
Good job, really!

Look at me.. I made some maps.  big deal.  I'm not god, i'm not master of the world.  In the end, all I did was contribute.  Even if people weren't happy, even if people didn't care, the greater goal was simply contribute to something I like.  And that's what I did.  I did what I could, to contribute to something I like.  That's what you did too.  You made a server mod, you did, whatever else that you did. 

If you're just chasing after yourself, you'll just get mad, and make big rants like this.
Is that what you want, or are you after something more worthwhile, like, contribution, for example?

That's the exact same thing Star is doing, all he cares about is, help the game and contribute.
He's just doing his part to contribute.  He doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about me or the next person.  He just doesn't care.
He's doing his part for the greater goal... Help Sauer. 

So, look past all the bullshit tbh..

You made a server mod and some other cool shit.  But are you doing it for the greater good of Sauer itself, or to add a couple inches to your penis?

I'm not lashing out at you here.  I'm just trying to help you see what's really happening..

I been through it my guy.  I was after my own benefit, and said fuck all to everyone else.  But, whatcha gonna accomplish if you're only after yourself?  Do you want to be 'god of sauer'  or do you want to be 'the guy that did his part'

All Star did was, his part.  Maybe he didn't think your shit would help Sauer, maybe he thought you weren't contributing to the greater goal. 

Star did not, he absolutely did not contribute to the death of Sauer.  Star in fact did what he could to keep Sauer going. 

I really been there my guy.  I made some stupid maps for Tesseract, thinking I was doing something!  I was doing something though.
I was doing what I thought was helping, and got frustrated.  What did I get frustrated at?  I got frustrated because I didn't see the results that ______I personally wanted to see______. 

You won't ever get the **perfect** results that you expect to see.  But, you WILL get results. 

Look at the results you're gonna get from this rant...

Ppl will only see bitching, bitching and bitching, because you didn't get your way.

That's all they gonna see my guy.  Waaa i'm crying beccause things didn't go my way.

I'm not lashing out at you, my guy.  I'm not.  Take it from a suicidal alcoholic, I'm just expressing what I've been through.  And only trying to help.

But seriously, look at the truth.

The truth that everyone in Sauer is gonna see is this: waaaaa, cry cry, i'm mad cause star, waaa, didn't get my way, waaaa.

Seriously, that is literally what they're gonna see.
This huge rant about Star and Salatiel, it will accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Just look at the truth my guy.

You made a server mod.  Is your goal A or B? 

Goal A: Contribute to something I like, to help others and to improve the game.


Goal B: Make something, and make my penis bigger and bigger and bigger.

Star did Goal A.  He likes Sauer, and he did his part.  He wanted to help the game.


Are you helping the GAME, or are you helping YOUR PENIS???


It's a game my guy... again, this is something I struggle with, which is why I bother to make this post... I really struggle, because I tend to focus on myself.. instead of the bigger goal. 

Focus on the bigger goal my guy.  So what, Star didn't do this and that that ___YOU wanted him to do for YOU___. 

Look at what you DID do though.   You provided opportunity to new players. 

 Look at all the maps.  I made some maps, so what if they are not the _best played_ maps like Reissen or whatever else there is.  I provided an option.

It's an option my guy, and that's literally what you did, was provide an option.  Your mod is not the best, the other mods are not the best.  They are just options.  Live with it...

Look at what you have truly done. 
and that would be: "I contributed to a game I like"
That's it.  That's literally it. 

The reason you are mad is because you didn't get the **perfect** results, that you **expected** to get.

But, you did get results. 

Don't lash out at others, because you got results that you did not expect.

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Re: the asshole admin
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2019, 11:28:51 AM »
People are bold and ignorant to each other. They even make bad decisions while doing so.
That's something which will never stop.

Sauerbraten has become as it is now not just by some person being brutal against others.
The game has lacked contributions and updates throughout the past years. Sure, there have been made maps that potentional could be added in the regular rotation. But a real update is way more thanks just that.
The Sauerbraten project seems finished for our beloved coder, unless people stand up and help him providing new assets while not being in contrast with the original goals.


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Re: the asshole admin
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2019, 05:38:37 PM »
He talks shit to everybody whenever he feels like it but I can't even post something because he will delete it. I'm just frustrated because I love cube and want to help out but instead of working together everyone just fights and splits up.