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How to import Sauerbraten Maps & Textures using Blender


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How to import Sauerbraten Maps & Textures using Blender
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:58:07 pm »
Hi, I'll try to explain here how to export and import (in blender) sauerbraten maps, this can help you if you want to create mapmodels 'easily', or fanarts like:

Suicizer did this complete tutorial about how to create a .obj mapmodel, be sure to check it out:

First download the Blender 3D here:
this will not require much experience with the program, just follow the steps below, but feel free to learn this beautiful tool.

1: Load your map at Sauerbraten
2: Type /writeobj "anyname"
3: Go to mygames/sauerbraten
4: Copy the anyname.obj and anyname.mtl
5: Go to your Sauerbraten folder
6: Paste the anyname.obj and anyname.mtl. (before packages)

Easy right?

So, now go to the Blender
1: Click in File, select Import and select Wavefront (.obj)
2: Search for your Sauerbraten folder
3: Click in the anyname.obj file
4: Click in Import OBJ

5: Rotate your scroll (zoom), because the map will probably be huge. (´A´ key to sel all, and S to scale, dont need to do it now.)
6: press the N key
7: In the menu that will open, search for Textured Solid, and enable it (with this you dont need enable the Texture in port vision, or add light).

if you had put the .mtl and .obj in the correct file, the textures will already appear beautifully (if not, you'll see everything white or pink xD).
It is obvious that materials (such as water) skybox and entities will not come with .obj.

Change the Clip if you see a strange gray wall (gray cause is the sky colour)

That's it, have fun.
and sry for any english miss :P