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Date Of the current day, in Gamehud.


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Date Of the current day, in Gamehud.
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:30:43 AM »
Warning: After some tests i found some serious problems, the content below may serve as an idea for something in the future. So use at your own risk  :P.

Well this is a little modification in sauerbraten.bat, it's just a line that will add the date (from your computer) in your gamehud.

It's something simple and not very useful.

Just copy the line below and put it in sauerbraten.bat

and be sure to put in your autoexec: "exec todaydate.cfg"

Code: [Select]
REM Line by Salatiel
echo gamehud = "%date%" > todaydate.cfg

(If you can not edit the .bat manually, download the sauerbraten.bat below, but i do not think it's a good idea, because the Directory may be different)

btw if anyone knows how to run an ingame command using sauerbraten.bat, please tell me.

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