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The Tutorial Project
« on: June 09, 2016, 05:01:25 AM »
I will be making many tutorials focusing on the Sauerbraten Editor.
The tutorials will be Pictures, along with Videos to go with them as well.  Possibly even .gif pictures to show specific steps repeatedly.

The tutorials will be structured in a way that a newbie could begin with easy tutorials, eventually working their way up to expert-level tutorials.

Within a short amount of time, a new player will have a base of knowledge of the Sauerbraten Editor, and will be able to create Playable maps, Artistic maps, Race maps, whatever it may be, without looking so.. newbie.

You can find tutorials, and follow up with my progress and plans here:,1120.0.html

If you would like to see any topic-specific tutorials related to the Sauerbraten Editor, post a reply and let me know!

-On a side note: You may have noticed some changes with the MappingHell Forum.  I've cleaned it up, and rearranged quite a lot of stuff.
The ultimate goal is to make it a resourceful community for Cube Engine editors, ranging from Sauerbraten, Tesseract, and Red Eclipse.
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