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Title: WC-NG
Post by: Thomas on December 09, 2014, 08:41:20 PM
WC-NG is now open source and available on GitHub:

Nightly Builds (not an offical release yet) can be found here:

Changes compared to r931 (list may be incomplete):

wc-ng v0.7.2

- '/wcver [1]' which represents the current version of the client
'/wcversion' should be avoided from now on
- server accross chat
- sdl2 port (by pisto)
- hwtemp plugin (windows, linux and OS X)
- hwtemp hud display (windows, linux and OS X)
- support for multiple master servers (/addmasterserver, /delmasterserver)
- requireplugin cubescript function
- servcmd event (N_SERVCMD)
- playerdisplaymaxteams variable
- '/resolveip' cubescript function
- FreeBSD 10.x support (amd64)
- '/stripextdemo': strip extinfo out of demos
- '/recompressdemo': recompress demos with a different recompression level
- '/getactioncn': useful for video streaming
- '/autofollowactioncn': useful for video streaming
- '/resolveip <ip>': resolve given ip address to its respective hostname
- '/scoreboardtextcolor': change scoreboard text color
- '/scoreboardtextcolorhead': change scoreboard text color

- in sync with sauerbraten r5050
- libcurl update to 7.39.0
- libgeoip update to 1.6.0
- windows client is now linked statically against its required libs
- all client packages are now built with link time optimization

- demorecorder can now record coop-edit "games"
- server country is now shown in the scoreboard
- '/statsdisplayfmt' allows now game mode specific stats formatting
- '/httprequest': added support for the https protocol**

- server browser capture team scores
- player display: scaling of shown players per team
- fixed "failed to create demo directory" issue
- showservermod / showserveruptime not being shown in coop edit
- and other fixes and improvements

Some features had to be dropped/rewritten, because it was not possible to
solve the licensing issue with wahnfred (not appearing on IRC to said times;
ignoring my emails; coming up with false claims; emails were "lost"; etc. etc.).

So I decided it's the best to remove his features that were not given out
formerly (in source form).

Rewritten features:
- Plugin API
- Console History
- indentfrags
- Several other things (including internal used functions)

Removed features (not my source code):
- Plugins: movieencoder, soundinput and mpdclient
- '/consearch'
- '/checkregex' (wanted to get rid of pcre)
- chatsounds
- name completion / highlighting
- \fz and \fb color codes
- Center Console (May be rewritten if there's enough interest)
- '/contimecolor' + '/conshowtime'
- '/colornames' + '/highlightteamkillmsg' (TKs are already highlighted with \f6)

Deprecated commands:
- addplugin(s) (new name is loadplugin(s))
- delplugins(s) (new name is unloadplugin(s))
- listplugins (new name is listloadedplugins)
Title: Re: WC-NG
Post by: star on December 09, 2014, 09:02:52 PM