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selectface command


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selectface command
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:51:44 pm »
I really miss a command that selects the faces of a previously selected cube
/selectface N (N is the face number)

 Why would it be useful?
 -You could bind a key to select a back face of a cube, without having to move there to select
- It would be possible to create loop of cubes in different positions instantly using something like:
draw = [
    sleep 10 [selectface 1 ; loop i 6 [universaldelta -1]]
    sleep 20 [selectface 2 ; loop i 6 [universaldelta -1]]

^ Then imagining that 1 is the front face of the cube, and 2 the left side, this would result in a curve with 10 cubes...  :o

Maybe if it could depend on the position of the player's camera would be better

Here is a gif, colors are just to exemplify:

(if this command already exists, ignore this suggestion and please tell me what it is  :P)
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